Partner with the largest integrated supply services provider in the U.S.

With more than $1.4 billion of annual supply chain spend under management, Wesco Integrated Supply is the industry’s leading provider of integrated supply services.

Wesco can be your single source for millions of industrial and maintenance products and services, with relationships with over 40,000 suppliers and processes more than seven million transactions annually.

Key Offerings Minimize Supply Chain Costs

Lower labor, operational, and product costs with Wesco’s integrated supply services. Our experienced team helps our customers make process improvements that optimize and reduce inventory to increase overall productivity. Other key benefits of a Wesco partnership include:

  • Better management controls
  • Improved reliability
  • Waste and disposal reduction
  • 100% electronic processes

Corporate Responsibility

Wesco is committed to working with diverse business enterprises and focusing on sustainability. Partnering with over 1,800 Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (MBEs), we work closely with small businesses whose talents and capabilities assist us in becoming a stronger company.

People, Planet, Profit

Wesco actively manages the impact of our operations on the environment and communities we serve. With this responsibility, we aggressively seek areas where environmental, personnel and profit objectives intersect in a sustainable way.

Beyond managing our own impact, we are uniquely positioned in the supply chain to help our customers and suppliers reach their sustainability goals. Read more about our corporate social initiatives here.


Improve Efficiencies

Eliminate System Investments

Speed Controls, Reduced Consumption

Optimizing Inventory

Lower Labor Costs

Less Waste

Less Working Capital

Productivity Improvements

Lower Material Prices