Using a comprehensive software suite, Wesco automates the MRO supply chain.

Wesco Integrated Supply offers a proprietary technology solution that lowers inventories and offers higher parts availability. e-Crib is a flexible, standalone platform that interfaces with most customer enterprise and maintenance software programs.

e-Crib Technology

e-Crib allows customers to significantly improve MRO supply chain functions and performance by managing key functions such as:

  • Storeroom inventory
  • Product warranties
  • Point-of-use programs
  • Site order approval hierarchies

A customer’s entire MRO inventory can be managed in a single, searchable database resulting in significantly lower inventories while improving parts availability and service.

This intelligent software is web-enabled and provides each user with a unique profile and electronic approval process at no additional cost to customers.

Optimize Performance With e-Procurement

Achieving low-cost processing, responsive service, and year-over-year savings is enabled through e-Procurement. Our technology integrates diverse processes in the supply chain and provides tools to eliminate inefficiencies and optimize performance.

Learn more about how our technology concurrently reduces inventory and stock-out rate.
Discovering the Value of e-Crib


An industrial manufacturer with 11 plants in eight states reduced costs using Wesco Integrated Supply e-Crib software.

Wesco collected customer inventory and spend data for each site. An implementation team “scrubbed” the active inventory data to identify product brand and item number. Site inventory not already in a system was added to the site database so that all inventory became visible. Critical spares were identified where possible. Wesco linked all of the cribs in a common searchable database, providing all sites with inventory visibility and a tool for crib-to-crib transfers.

Customer sites now have a tool to manage MRO warranties and repairs. Plants can redeploy excess inventory, share spares, and identify parts under warranty coverage. More importantly, the company has a common database to manage all inventory, including material that traditionally was not in a system.

Key Offerings Minimize Supply Chain Costs

Lower labor, operational, and product costs with Wesco’s integrated supply services. Our experienced team helps our customers make process improvements that optimize and reduce inventory to increase overall productivity. Other key benefits of a Wesco partnership include:

  • Better management controls
  • Improved reliability
  • Waste and disposal reduction
  • 100% electronic processes