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Wesco Integrated Supply has been transforming supply chains for over 50 years by offering expert capabilities to support various industries and business types.

MRO solutions are tailored based on customer needs and there are no size constraints to start an integrated supply program with us.

Review case study examples of improving supply chains with the capabilities we provide:

MRO Program Inventory Reduction

Mature manufacturing facilities often leads to bloated stock levels and stagnant inventory turns. Using our proprietary analytic software, Wesco Integrated Supply is able to identify and recommend actions to improve and reduce customer’s mro inventory. Read more.

Technology Solutions for Supply Chain

A specialty metals company with over $4B in annual sales had fragmented spend across 15 different ERP platforms. Having grown through various acquisitions, their strategic sourcing group was unable to see across inventories. Read more.

Vending Solutions Increase Usage Efficiency

A technology innovation company has a large footprint and staff that use a significant amount of PPE and consumable supplies. Many of the existing point-of-use cabinets in each department were outdated and obsolete, containing items that were rarely, if ever used . Read more.


More Customer Results

Alternative Tooling Sourcing Leads to Increased Productivity

Sourcing Expertise Provides Better Product and Savings

Alternative Materials Sourcing Leads to OEM Conversion Savings

Vending Solutions Increase Usage Efficiency

Technology Solutions for Supply Chain



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